Excerpt from a European Novel – Iggy

“Now, I think it’s important to understand that I write in here for the reader of the novel this will hopefully become, but also to know that the method of this joint attempt at a book requires that we share–Coya and I–what we’ve written with each other.  We’re not doing that yet, but there is an all-will-be-revealed sensation that it will happen when we’re together and writing.  So you’ll have to decide if and when I’m being honest in these pages–with you, with myself, and with her.

“For my part, I’m trying to be one-hundred-percent honest with myself, and, though I’m trying to be one-hundred-percent honest with her, I have the luxury of tailoring my words where I might otherwise not so that she’ll better understand where I’m coming from.

“You people, the readers, possibly have the biggest obligation–if it can be called that–to interpreting the words faithfully, because I can’t customize them for every reader, and because being honest with oneself is a very subjective endevour; it’s up to you to decide if and when that’s not the case.”


Nougat pt 01

The shop had opened outside of a dentist’s office.  These sort of coincidences usually have more to them than the accidental, and in this case it might have seemed obvious what that was.  Until you really thought about it, and then it didn’t really make any sense.  Candy for people who have eaten a lot of sweets and in some way or other damaged their teeth?  These people would arguably be tempted to go in to a candy shop, but probably not before or after having to pass it in the first place because their teeth needed drilling.  Candy for people with excellent oral hygiene going in for a checkup or a whitening or just a pat on the back?  They were unlikely to give the shop a look besides a smug one.  But a high-end confectioners had indeed opened it’s doors one October morning outside a booming dental practice, shared these doors–via the hallway–to the downtown street, and could be the first bright colourful thing you’d noticed all morning as you walk past; maybe it was simply chance that this business found itself operating within the realms of an enemy.

But everybody likes candy, really.