Let’s Pretend

I value you,
I do.
I love being alone with you,
talking our nonsense
the laughter and frivolity.
I love it when you feel so free
As to admit another male aquaintance you’ve slept with,
How you remember it can’t hurt, shouldn’t hurt,
How it reminds me I’m a sounding board,
And good for nothing else;
Reminds me I’m not up to snuff
and not a real human person;
That I’ve gone beyond with my elastic feelings
that can bear the weight and bounce back into round.

That I can take it, and as a friend,
I should and have to.

That this happens is test and proof of a special bond.

Let’s pretend it’s not a time bomb.
Let’s pretend you think it doesn’t hurt.
Let’s pretend it can’t drive me away
Soon or eventually.



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