He has to and he will
guard the gates any way he can.
He’ll  make a show for all and sundry, 
Because he can and slink away.
He’ll make your day into
Just what you were looking for.

Please excuse the venue,
T’was the only one at hand.
As a person he can’t be the butt,
But as an actor can can can.
He’s  just the man,  and poor.

I am not regretting grifting,
And the choice was trasnsparent clear,
That the time was long behind us,
The present was a remnant,
And the moving on so near…
Here,  take this as a gift.

But be everclear why I left this way:
To make it yours to say.


5 responses to “Sentinel

    • Oh, I was wrong. I know now, yes…. Interesting country. And I was just browsing through a relevant cookbook while trying to figure out what food I should buy tomorrow.

      You’re too kind about the poem, but thank you; it was hastily written by an amateur.

  1. What makes you think I am out of food? No. I eat normally, and if I couldn’t, I’d visit a foodbank, or ask a friend for help in the last instance of being homeless; maybe I take it like a charging rhino


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