Looking South

I was lying awake a thousand times
Thinking you a hundred years ago
and I’d left my phone off mute because
I didn’t expect anything anyway.
I don’t know where you were,
But you breached the distance to send me a love note.

‘I still’ you said, and ‘I would’
‘Despite’ I heard, and ‘although’.

And I wonder what it would have been like
If I’d said ‘yes’ to me and you then
and I wasn’t such a coward in
the face of the momentum.

(and a dozen other things)

I thought you were just fireworks;
You’d never shown me different.
But times change,
and people seem to,
but if you are what you seem to be,
what possible use am I to you?

You may be right, I might have let them,
Though there’s a million ways you’re wrong.
I’ll just float here in confliction, likely,
Till your song is too remote.



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