I Still Love You

“You’re saving my life… saving it by loving me.”


“because it feels like there’s nothing to forgive”

Those parts.

(i didn’t manage to c&p directly, but those parts)

Moon ring

You promised, eyes full of tears,
that you’d never lie to me again–
and I tend to believe people
when they promise something
for the first time.

Later, peeling sunburned flesh
from my belly, together, I felt
closer to you than I have ever felt
with anybody.

But I need time
to be in the forest
until we’re out of the woods.
And I need time
to be in the water
until my tears dry.
And I need time
to get out of the boiling city–
away from you,
though it breaks my heart–
my Tarot cards were right.
My therapist was right.

And now, sitting
at my favourite Gastown pub,
I relish these last moments,
like the last few bites of blueberry pie–
the way things become sweeter
when we know they’re almost

And honestly, if I had
to do this life thing over again,
I would–

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